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1020 2024

To the project

Schreygasse 8, 1020 Wien

Der Goldene Fasan

Apartment sizes: 38 m² - 145 m²
Purchase price: 270.600 € - 2.287.800 €
Built in: 2024
1020 2023

To the project

Große Pfarrgasse 14, 1020 Wien

Der Goldene Pfau

Apartment sizes: 33 m² - 150 m²
Purchase price:Upon request
Built in: 2023
1030 2025

To the project

Radetzkystraße 24, 1030 Wien

Der Goldene Phönix

Apartment sizes: 33 m² - 273 m²
Purchase price: 332.200 € - 1.411.000 €
Built in: 2025
1030 2024

To the project

Krieglergasse 12, 1030 Wien

Die Goldene Nachtigall

Apartment sizes: 38 m² - 130 m²
Purchase price: 384.000 € - 1.990.000 €
Built in: 2024
1040 2025

To the project

Karolinengasse 10, 1040 Wien

Der Goldene Flamingo

Apartment sizes: 40 m² - 195 m²
Purchase price: 452.900 € - 3.967.200 €
Built in: 2025
1190 2025

To the project

Iglaseegasse 41, 1190 Wien

Der Goldene Storch

Apartment sizes: 40 m² - 188 m²
Purchase price: 406.300 € - 2.540.000 €
Built in: 2025
1200 2024

To the project

Brigittagasse 15, 1200 Wien

Der Goldene Albatros

Apartment sizes: 35 m² - 105 m²
Purchase price: 196.200 € - 870.600 €
Built in: 2024
1210 2024

To the project

Wenhartgasse 12, 1210 Wien


Apartment sizes: 44 m² - 121 m²
Purchase price: 237.397 € - 804.857 €
Built in:-
1220 2022

To the project

Schüttauplatz 17, Schüttaustraße 67, 1220 Vienna

Der goldene Schwan

Apartment sizes: 35 m² - 222 m²
Purchase price: 194.488 € - 2.978.617 €
Built in: 2022
1220 2023

To the project

Steinbrechergasse 25, 1220 Vienna

Die goldene Möwe

Apartment sizes: 33 m² - 74 m²
Purchase price: 179.676 € - 623.100 €
Built in: 2023

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